December 28, 2018
A primary reason Paul Mengert founded AMG in his hometown of Greensboro is because he firmly believes that giving back to the community is a very important thing to do and he believes that AMG does exactly that. That is why he is now considered to be a highly regarded leader in the homeowners’ association management industry, primarily in the Carolinas, but also nationwide. Paul is a very highly sought-after teacher and speaker because of the wisdom he holds and because he knows what he’s doing. AMG (Association Management Group) is a management company that functions as training ground for homeowners’ association professionals.

At the heart of AMG’s educational program is what Paul Mengert designed as a smaller version of a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program. The program’s courses are taught by the various Harvard Business School alumni who happen to reside in the Greensboro, North Carolina area. Many of these executives who teach actually work full time as executives with various companies, as managing partners, presidents, and even CEOs.
June 20, 2018
One primary reason Paul Mengert, AMG CEO, established his company in Greensboro years ago was his strong belief that it is of vital importance to give back to the community as much as possible. From his point of view, it is simply not acceptable to simply take what you want; giving back is a fundamental aspect of life. Even for a for-profit company, being gracious to those who help you is an important virtue. When someone becomes successful, it becomes necessary to be grateful and they should feel compelled to return something to those who helped.

Even looking in from outside, it is clear that education is a major focus for Paul Mengert, AMG (Association Management Group) chief executive officer (CEO). He is also the company founder. AMG is a management company that functions largely as something of a condensed version of a university Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program. That is why the program’s classes are largely taught by Harvard Business School alumni who just happen to live in the Greensboro area of North Carolina, like native Paul Mengert. Many AMG instructors are executives with prominent companies, with many serving as managing partners, presidents, and CEOs.